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Villa Taksu

A Special, elegant, private, restful, exotic, beautiful, luxurious, contemplative and romantic space – these are all words that guest have be used to describe their sublime experience at Villa Taksu. A perfect atmosphere for celebrating treasured time. A soulful space for writing, painting, meditating, yoga, tai chi and more.

To view the complete Villa Taksu web site: Villa Taksu

To request a booking for the RiverView Suite, please utilize Flipkey – HomeAway  or VRBO

To view Riverview Suite Gallery

Of course feel free to call any time.

Indonesian Phones:

Villa: (62-361) 975-381

Manager Lela’s cell: (62) 856 388 7022
Skype: Jannalela


Villa Taksu

Alden Parkes Furniture, Taksu LLC

We welcome your exploration of our exceptional design collection of fine furnishing available in North America and globally.

View our Collections at:
Alden Parkes Inspired Furniture

Our quality story begins with materials. Meticulous attention is given to selecting premium materials for crafting wood and upholstered furniture.

Alden Parkes offers an extensive line of products, including upholstery, occasional tables, dining, cabinetry, mirrors and bedrooms.  Taking inspiration from furniture classics, our designers have incorporated refreshing flourishes, giving new life to great moments in the art of furniture design.  Our company offers a broad spectrum of styles and shapes, ranging from formal traditional to clean contemporary and everything in between.

Our quality story begins with materials.  Meticulous attention is given to selecting premium materials for crafting wood and upholstered furniture.  Woodcarvings are masterfully produced by hand.  Our hardware is solid brass, using the lost wax casting method.  Finishes range from deep, brilliant high sheen, to a subdued, casual distressed application.

Standard construction features include solid-wood cores, wooden drawer glides, English dovetail drawers that are well sanded and finished, screwed-on, inset block panels, and mortise and tenon construction with screwed-in corner blocks.  Alden Parkes’ attention to detail is reflected in out upholstered furniture as well.  Manufactured in the USA, our upholstery frames are built of sold hardwood and eight-way hand-tied springing for consistent and durable seating comfort.


Alden Parkes Furniture, Taksu LLC
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