Work effectively from home – and enjoy it!

The CoVid 19 pandemic has changed our lives in many ways, including how we work. In an effort to flatten the curve, many companies have adopted Work From Home policies. Some of us may be digital nomads that are used to working from home, but for some, this is definitely a new experience.

Here are some helpful tips from Nxvel on how to Work From Home

1. Active – Avoid waking up and opening your laptop first thing. Try to do something active before you begin working. It’s unhealthy to jump straight into work from sleep.

2. Hot Desk – Change your location – try a standing desk using your kitchen counter, or maybe your coffee table and then your desk. Be sure to change your work space either daily or throughout the day. New spaces will help keep you inspired and mobile.

3. Tiny Tasks – Focus on breaking tasks into their tiniest bits. This will keep you motivated and help you accurately estimate your workload. As well as keeping a to-do list, estimate these tasks in hours.

4. 25-minute Burst – With zero office distraction, you’ll notice a spike in productivity. Try working in 25-minute bursts, with 5 minute breaks. Check out the “Pomodoro technique” for inspiration.

Credit to Nxvel

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