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*Where Do Taksu Old Spa Fabrics Go?**

First of all, if that has been on your mind, it’s a good question!

You may be familiar with the iconic Batik covers on the picture? Yesss that’s right! You usually see them as you enter Taksu Spa room then you put on one of them as a body cover. In April 2019, Taksu started to collaborate with Triupcycle to help us recycle our spa fabrics. September marks the 2nd time Taksu proudly donates the Batik covers and other fabrics to Triupcycle. They make branded merchandise from this upcycled fabric, and they give the profit to grassroots organizations that protect forests. Recently they shared with Taksu their new product plan: X Standing Banner made of the fabric for events or promotion materials (See image. Credit photo by @triupcycle). What an idea! And psssttt this new product idea hasn’t been officially announced. So if you’re interested, be the first to let them know!

Taksu has always been committed to social and environmental sustainability since its inception with an earth-friendly design, including solar water heating. Taksu is just excited to see more more social enterprises focusing on the sustainability of our planet, such as Triupcycle. Well done to our customers who also work on the same mission! We are getting there!

**To contact Triupcycle**:
Instagram: @triupcycle

If you’re in Ubud, meet them at their official store at Jl. Raya Sanggingan (150 meters to north from Bintang Supermarket). Just look for the orangutan mural painting!

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