Top 7 Tips for Events Organizers or Travel Agency during this challenging time

1. Stay informed

While staying at home, monitor announcements from the authorities. It is essential for us to stay informed in times of crisis to find out when we can start promoting the event, to wait or not, by choice or by obligation. Regularly consult the following links to keep up to date with the Bali or Indonesia government’s latest decisions:

Instagram: @pemprov_bali (The local government of Bali. They share news in English as well.)

I also encourage you to check the official websites of your respective governments for the latest official information in regard to travel to Bali.

2. Review your contractual obligations
List all the third parties, practitioners/healers, suppliers, space rentals that you are working with in the organisation of your Event and find all contracts signed with them. Revisit those contracts, MOUs, agreements, deals, and terms and conditions. Review them and see if there are details to follow up on. If you have partnered with Taksu Spa & Restaurant and if you have questions or would like to learn more about our partnership contracts, I am here to speak with you. Please contact me at (yes it’s .co) and we can organise a time to talk.

3. Be transparent with your customers (B2C and B2B)
Uncertainty can and often does cause confusion and panic. This is something we never want to happen with our existing or potential customers. Being transparent shows people they can trust your brand. Communicate your needs and your plans to your vendors or potential business partners. This is the part of Partnership and/or Relationship Management I value the most. Often times I find nice people there to talk to, not just about the business ;-)

4. Exercise empathy
Build rapport with your customers, get to know them, so you can work with them, as opposed to purely marketing and or selling your product to them.

5. Connect and support your customers online
Support is NEVER cancelled! It’s a fundamental business requirement. It is also important to tell your customers how often you plan to communicate with them. Catching up with your customers’ social media is a good start to connect and they will see your interest and comments, further consolidating your relationship.

6. Consider a Relief Program
Although we can’t predict when this crisis will end, we can look back through history to better understand what the future may look like. For example, after the 2003 SARS crisis hit Toronto, Canada, a Relief Concert was held in July 2003 to help victims of the disease and their families. If you are in the position to do so, consider putting your trip-planning expertise to good use by planning a future trip program to help your customers relax and feel refreshed. Everyone is emotionally and socially stressed by this pandemic. A massage therapy after yoga session in your retreat program sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? You are not alone. I miss it too!

7. Stay calm, don’t panic and have fun at home!
Take good care of yourself. Enjoy the me-time while slowly getting your business moving, and reach out to your loved ones when things get difficult. Let’s get through this together and emerge with a clear passion and energy to move forward for the benefit of others!

If you are interested in partnering with Taksu Spa & Restaurant in the future, please reach out to me and let’s talk about how we can create something magical together.
Email: (yes it’s .co) or WhatsApp: +62 838 0689 2360

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