The Spirits of their ancestors are still alive in the Bali Aga tribe in Karangasem regency – Aug 9 International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

The Bali Aga tribe, also known as Bali Mula, are the indigenous people of Bali who live in Karangasem regency, East Bali. They revere the forces of nature and the spirits of their ancestors, with whom they continue to live as a great family of both the living and the dead. And family clans are ruled by a council of elders who are also religious priests.

It is believed they originally came from Bedulu village (mid south east Bali) before the Hindu-Javanese immigration wave and lived in isolated areas in the mountains. Their relative isolation compared to the lowland Balinese had preserved some of the original Austronesian element, apparent in the Bali Aga architecture. The Bali Aga people are said to bring the spirits of their ancestors down to Earth for protection through sacrifices. And it is told, they leave the bodies of their deceased in the jungle to be carried away by the spirits. They are also believed to have possibly eaten parts of their chiefs’ bodies to absorb magic powers.

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