Refill My Bottle  Free at Taksu Restaurant 

Taksu are proud to announce that we are now officially a  Refill My Bottle station.

RefillMyBottle Bali aims to cut down on  the millions of plastic water bottles discarded in Bali and Indonesia each year by offering an alternative: Bring your own bottle and refill it for FREE or at a minimal charge. Here at Taksu it is FREE! How does it get
any better than that?

Get a photo with our staff with your Refilled Bottle and post it on your Social Media – let everyone see your Global support. Everything effort goes toward positive change.
Thank you for helping us reduce the plastic pollution in Bali!

A quick update
Thanks to dedicated and mindful businesses, like you, the number of RefillStations keeps growing! We recently broke through 2,000 RefillStations across the world!

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