Thank you to the many Charities supporting Bali and all the people in need. This month we highlight the East Bali Poverty Project and their work supporting Balinese communities during this pandemic. Bali is truly blessed to have you!

Check out this field report from Komang Kurniawan
EBPP Education Team
Divided into groups with the division of tasks as follows:
One team goes house-to-house distributing learning materials for each student to ensure that all students get subject materials to study, as well as their materials for the following week. Another team prepares reports for submitting to the Central Education Department through an online system and accesses new learning programs from the Education Department to share with all teachers and students.

EBPP WASH and Bamboo Team
This team assists the health team in checking for malnourished babies and the under-five year olds. They report directly to the coordinator if a toddler is found to have insufficient food and nutrition. To address this, we have designed age-appropriate nutrition packages for which we are urgently seeking funding. They also support the Desa Ban Task Force with our 4WD Isuzu for disinfecting key locations in our 19 hamlets.

Each hamlet has erected a COVID19 integrated service post: The leaders inform the community to stay at home, with two to three people standing by to control the area. Only people who have specific reasons may go in and out of their respective hamlets. For communication, they use ORARI local CB-radio, sharing information remotely, so all know quickly if something happens in any location, and provide any necessary support.

Pengalusan high school graduates bamboo training project: Due to personal contact required with this activity, we have to send them home until the government gives the “all clear” sign.

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