How to grocery shop safely?

We all need to go out to buy groceries and restock. Knowing how easy COVID-19 can spread makes us question so much. Such as what to do about our groceries? Do we have to clean them? And if so, then how do we clean the items.

We found these articles from good, reliable sources for you to read on how to shop safely. Please, practise good hygiene, stay home and support your health care service and stay safe.

– No, You Don’t Need To Disinfect Your Groceries. But Here’s How To Shop Safely

How to Shop Safely at Supermarkets

Advice for Safely Shopping for Groceries During the Coronavirus Pandemic

– Q&A on Coronavirus : How to grocery shop safely, How to wash fruits & vegetables

Let us know if you have other tips and please share this info to your loved ones who frequently go shopping for groceries :)

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