VESAK DAY – Buddhist Celebration


While the world is full of many wonderful religions and philosophies, we are celebrating the International Day of the Buddha, Vesak Day!

On Vesak day, Buddhists around the world celebrate the life of Buddha. The birth, death and the enlightenment (Mahaparinirvana) of Buddha Siddhartha Gautama. This day is a time of joy, peace and reflection for all Buddhists.

How do Buddhists in Indonesia celebrate Vesak Day?

Normally, everyone will gather in the Vihara (Temple) for Ceremony and present food and incense as an offering to Buddha and the Buddha Dharma (the word of the Buddha).

Every year the main Indonesian Vesak Day celebration happens in the Borobudur Temple, the largest Buddhist Temple in the world. Traditionally, thousands of monks from all over Indonesia, and many from abroad, gather for meditation and chanting. After meditation they release paper lanterns filling the sky with a myriad points of light. This year, however, Vesak Day will be still be celebrated, but in our hearts.

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