Fruit of the Month: Apple

Don’t forget to include apples into your shopping list next time you get groceries! A perfect snack fruit, apples are also handy if you like to bake or cook – just add them to salads, smoothies, jam or maybe a pie.

Is it true what they say? An apple a day helps keep the Doctor Away!
Beside the deliciousness, juicyness, crunchiness and freshness of apple, it is a very nutritious fruit that offers numerous benefits for you.

– Apples contain fructose and antioxidant polyphenols that can improve the metabolic balance and maintain your blood sugar level.
– They’re a good source of fibre to aid in digestion and a health GI tract.
– The favanoid, phlorizin, thats found in the skin of the apple can help with bone health, it may help prevent bone loss associated with menopause, as it fights the inflammation and free radical production that leads to bone degeneration.
– Pectin fibre and antioxidant polyphenols have been linked to reducing the levels of “unhealthy” (LDL) cholesterol and slow down its oxidation.
– Apples contains quercetin, the powerful antioxidant that can protect brain cells against oxidative stress and block free radicals.

So remember to stock some apples in your fridge when they’re available during the year!

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