Eco-Warriors at Home: Shifting to Home Learning due to Coronavirus

Due to the spread of Coronavirus in Bali, Begawan Foundation have temporarily closed all education activities at their Learning Centre and shifted into online and ‘At Home’ learning.

Begawan Foundation ensures that students are still able to partake in activities at home. The education team have compiled learning activities and lessons at home, including experiments and time for reflection. Students take the weekly lesson plans at the office every Sunday and submit their week’s previous homework.

Lessons include explanation and details of materials needed, as well as steps for experiments. These experiments can be applied in real life and are fun to do! If there is anything that they don’t understand, they can ask questions on our online classes during the week at 14.00. The online class can be accessed here.

The students also receive reflection tasks. They are encouraged to do a short meditation (5 minutes) every morning and before they sleep. They learn how to observe their breath and set good intentions for the day. The students are also encouraged to help others or themselves by assisting in cooking, helping their grandma to find wood, sweep the compound, eat healthily, or exercise. At night time, the students reflect by writing in their “diary” the things they are grateful for that day and the assistance they have given to others. They also say thanks to each of their body parts because they have been working hard during the day.

When the Foundation’s education team checks their diaries, it is apparent that the students are happy because of simple things, such as helping their grandma, gathering together with their families, and playing with their relatives in their compound. We can learn a lot from children and see that we can still be happy during these tough times!

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