Enjoy 20% OFF – 20 Hrs Private Online Course on Indonesian Language

Dear Taksu Spa Family,

Many of us are finding it a rather new experience having to work and spend much more time around the house than we used to. What can we do with some of the free time that we have? Why not use this opportunity to learn to speak, or just to brush up on our Indonesian language?

You may not have realized it, but as foreigners living here we still pick up words here and there just through hearing others speak. Sometimes you know what the word means, sometimes you don’t. What our teachers do is speak with you, and as they pick up the words that you know, they help you to put them into sentences so that it is really easy, and very fast, to learn to speak smoothly.

Our teachers receive 3 months of full-time training before they start teaching with us They learn our rather unique methodology, and they learn specifically how to teach foreign learners of Indonesian language. In fact, we’ve had some famous and not-so-famous linguists come to Ubud just to learn with us because our methodology has become somewhat well known in the language-learning world. Not to brag, though, because we’re still just a small, simple school with happy teachers and a close-knit team.

Now we have more free time to learn, and learning online has come a long way. Cinta Bahasa has been teaching online since 2012, and we’ve had nearly 1,000 students from all around the world learn online with us. All of our students have told us that it is nearly as effective as learning in person. While we hope to resume our in-person classes soon and one of the locations is at Taksu Spa & Restaurant [insert link: , until then all of our classes are online and we have dozens of students learning with us online now.

So why don’t you also take this opportunity to learn to speak Indonesian Language, bahasa Indonesia, at home with Speaking Indonesian, Cinta Bahasa’s online learning program.

We’re giving you 20% off our Private Online 20 Hour Course. The price is IDR 3,200,000 for 20 Hours, instead of the regular IDR 4,000,000.

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