Begawan Foundation

Begawan Foundation was established in 1999 by Bradley and Debbie Gardner, who were also the creative forces behind the world-renowned Begawan Giri Estate on the Indonesian island of Bali. Their experience at Begawan Giri Estate inspired them to initiate programmes that would benefit local people, especially in terms of conserving the natural environment and satisfying their needs in the areas of education and healthcare. Bradley and Debbie sold Begawan Giri Estate in 2004, and they have since devoted their time and energy to realising the Foundation’s Vision and Mission. Thanks to their dedicated efforts and financial support, the scope of the Foundation’s work is steadily expanding.

The Bali Starling (Jalak Bali) Conservation Project was Begawan Foundation’s first initiative, established in 1999 with the aim of saving this precious bird from the very real threat of extinction.

The foundation approached and introduced themselves to Taksu in 2019. Since the day, Taksu has been around to support them in any possible way we can. Taksu is proud to get involved in preserving this endangered beautiful bird in Bali for our young generation to see.

And you can help too!
Take yourself or your family and friends to the Begawan Foundation located in Payangan and find out all about these beautiful birds and how you can support.

Check out their programs here

Photo credit to @naturefromthenorth and Emily Alsford in collaboration with Begawan Foundation

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