Access Consciousness® The New Foundation

Lela Thomas, International Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

What if BEing You, is that place where you wake up happy and joyful, that space where you are living in WooooHooooo?! An energy and space that no matter what is happening, you are in total allowance and question and joy?

These 4 days continue to expand you through the walls of lifetimes of limitations.

Access Consciousness Foundation provides tools that you will use the rest of your life! Receive 4 Bars sessions and 4 new Access Body Processes that bring a lot of ease to your Body. You will experience greater clarity and new approaches to deal with limitations concerning relationships, money, body, sex, and communication. What else is possible?!

After Foundation you’re fully qualified to practice the new skills and receive money.

How does it get better than that?

Please check our Events Calendar for the dates of upcoming Classes
* Access Consciousness® Foundation, (Pre-requisite: The Bars®)
US$1,400 +10% Indonesian Tax($700+10% if Repeating within 12 months)
* Download: AC World Price for Core Classes For the Rate in other countries
Indonesia Rate applies to Indonesian citizens and KITAS, Retirement, Social Budaya and Business Visa Holders, +10% Indonesian Tax
* For Indonesians Citizens, KITAS, Business Visa, Social Budya, Retirement Visa Rp 12,000,000 +10% Tax for your First Class
Rp 6,000,000 + 10% Tax (if you took Foundation & Level I (now called Foundation) in the past year)
* Pay the class fees to Taksu, plus 10% Indonesian Tax
* Register:

You can share and charge for the Body Processes you receive in this Class, How does it better than that?
Receive a manual, cool charts, Certificate and snacks, and 10% discount in the Restaurant

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