22 August Balinese Ceremony’s – The Keeper of plants and trees

Tumpek Uduh, also referred to as Tumpek Pengatag or Tumpek Wariga, is a day dedicated to Sanghyang Sangkara, the God of food or the keeper of all plants and trees in Bali. Offerings are made to invoke blessings for the land to maintain the balance and harmony between humans and the environment.

The God of Sangkara is requested to bestow blessings and life by keeping all plants and trees alive and fertile, and to protect them from damage of any sort, which will in turn produce abundance for us. On this day, there is the wish for the rains to come, splashing coolness for all the plants and trees of mother earth, and that in turn the earth will be blessed with plants and trees for prosperity for all.

Did you know? The Balinese Calendar is 210 day. Following are the Upcoming Dates for Tumpek Uduh:
20 March 2021
16 October 2021
14 May 2022
10 December 2022

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