These Changing Times

These unusual times can be scary and anxiety producing for many. So much about the future is a big question mark. Every morning we wake up uncertain, with so many things happening around the world beyond our control. Our circumstances require us to adapt to new things every day, whether that’s in how we live, how we work, or even how we express love and affection!

Let’s look at a few ways we can gracefully adapt to these changes.

Firstly, this is an opportunity for us to practice acceptance. It’s challenging to accept this unprecedented situation and all the changes it brings. Life, work, careers, and businesses are not operating according to plan. This can range from feeling like a welcome change to feeling incredibly helpless. In this process, it’s important not to push too hard; to be kind to ourselves. If we can gradually open up to new possibilities, to looking at things from a different perspective and giving ourselves permission to feel hopeful about new opportunities. We do have options, such as learning something new or making new plans and goals! Learning to accept things we don’t like about the time we’re in is not easy, but the power of a fresh perspective can help us move forward.

Second, here’s a gentle reminder to be grateful for our support systems! To take time to thank and express love to those who are always there for us, and feel good about being there for them too! Communication is a powerful tool for difficult times. Even when we don’t feel like it, calling or making that video call with our friends, family and loved ones, helps us feel more connected.

Third, we need to watch our anxiety and stress. One of the least healthy things we can do for ourselves is to give in to constant fear or worry. This is more difficult if we watch and read a lot of news. So limiting our time watching the news and our social media might be something to think about. Perhaps just checking for important safety updates. The good thing is, we know there are things we can do, especially if we are worried about catching Covid-19, such as making sure we follow safety protocols, like hand hygiene, wearing a mask and physical distancing. And one of the best ways to lower anxiety and stress is by practicing meditation and developing our spiritual life. Reality shifts for the better when we can see things from a more universal perspective.

And fourth, we will survive this because we are strong and resilient! We can manage these changes and move into whatever the future holds with confidence using our awareness, love and compassion.

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