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Taksu Social & Environmental

Taksu has been committed to social and environmental sustainability since its inception with an earth friendly design, including solar water heating. A social welfare initiative funds continuing staff education and neighborhood waste management.

Taksu has hosted or organized fund-raising events for local and overseas charities.

* Maha Bhoga Marga Foundation, a community empowerment organization devoted  to women
* Sumatran Orangutan Society
* Bumi Sehat Natural Birthing Clinic
* Japan Red Cross for Tsunami Disaster Relief
* Plastic Free Bali, known as Bali Cantik Tanpa Plastik
* Pelangi School

* Bali Recycling

Taksu Green Warriors
Upon commencing operations, representatives from all departments formed the Green Warriors to minimize environmental impacts through controlled monitoring and goal setting to reduce the consumption

of electricity and water. In cooperation with a professional waste management firm, the volume is continuously being reduced. They work closely with NGOs, particularly Plastic Free Bali and Bali Recycling, as well as Putra Bangsa School of Tourism to keep rivers healthy.

Green Warrior Excursion to Bali Recycling
Taksu’s eco-focused team of dedicated warriors visited the Bali Recycling waste management site on Wednesday, July 25 to better understand how the waste collected from Taksu is measured, stored and safely handled. Bali Recycling provides a monthly report detailing the amount of rubbish by category collected, so that all depart

ments can identify ways to reduce the amount of garbage created. They also learned more about hazardous wastes such as light bulbs, paints and

solvents, plus electronic waste like hand phones, computers, printers, TVs, etc which contain dangerous metals and materials. These have to be dismantled and divided into categories for safe recycling and processing.

Taksu Social & Environmental

Refill My Bottle  Free at Taksu Restaurant 

Taksu are proud to announce that we are now officially a  Refill My Bottle station.

RefillMyBottle Bali aims to cut down on  the millions of plastic water bottles discarded in Bali and Indonesia each year by offering an alternative: Bring your own bottle and refill it for FREE or at a minimal charge. Here at Taksu it is FREE! How does it get
any better than that?

Get a photo with our staff with your Refilled Bottle and post it on your Social Media – let everyone see your Global support. Everything effort goes toward positive change.
Thank you for helping us reduce the plastic pollution in Bali!

A quick update
Thanks to dedicated and mindful businesses, like you, the number of RefillStations keeps growing! We recently broke through 2,000 RefillStations across the world!

Refill My Bottle  Free at Taksu Restaurant 

Bio Bus – Green School

Welcome to the BioBus Team from the Green School Bali bringing a group of new students and guests from the USA to check out the process.

Thanks to Geoff for his words of thanks for “Fueling the Bus”.
For more information on how you can support or share this info please click here (link to bio bus green school)

Bio Bus – Green School

Solemen Solecentre

The NEW SOLEMEN SOLECENTRE – Life support for the Psychically & Mentally disabled!

Welcome to the new SOLECENTRE a 10 bedroom Care & Recovery Centre. Incorporating Bali Dynasty Care and Recovery Centre where Solebuddies can stay during hospital assessment or check ups, pre or post operation and recovery. As Sarah Chapman says, “our ‘Solebuddies’ deserve the best we can give them”. The new 10 bedroom facility is a lovely clean, comfortable, well equipped ‘home’, with staff living onsite.

Saturday 24th August was a highly emotive and memorable day for Robert and Sarah the creators of the SOLEMEN Charity which gives life and support to the physically and mentally disabled in Bali. Sometimes these people are found in a living hell of a chains, misunderstanding and shame.

This all began 7 years ago when they rescued little Ani who was 8yrs old and weighed only 6 kilos. (check out her story here And you can see her picture proudly displayed in the Centre entrance. Now SOLEMEN are currently caring for over 2,000 people Bali wide.

With much gratitude to the Bali Dynasty Resort the SOLEMEN Major Sponsor and to additional important sponsors and contributors such as Finns Beach Club, the Hard Rock Hotel Bali and Sunset Vet Bali and many others. Thanks too to all their very generous supporters who have made this SOLECENTRE possible like Janet Molloy, families and staff of Jani Silver & Goddess on the Go, Hetty Bradley’s Kayonan Learning Community and all their awesome volunteers.
Most especially the SOLEMEN’s outstanding, dedicated, loyal and passionate Outreach team who ALL work tirelessly day and night to make this happen.

“We are so very grateful to all our kind supporters who made our dream become a reality.” Robert Epstone

SOLEMEN currently need toys ( in good condition ) for all ages to equip their play room. If you are anywhere near Jln Merdeka Raya in Kuta just off Sunset Road, behind Siloam Hospital near CarreFour you can drop them in directly. Or, if in Ubud and you wish to make a Toy donation please drop your items to Taksu Spa Marketing who will get them to SOLEMEN on your behalf.

You can also support buy purchasing one of their cute SoleTeddies or different items for yourself or as a gift, knowing you are making a difference in the lives of people who need it! Thank you for your support!

Following is a list of Drop Off Points.

Drop Off Locations
Solemen Office
JL Merdeka Raya No.8x, Kuta.
Open : 9AM – 5PM (Mon – Fri)
Phone : +62 812 3720 6220

Finns Recreation Club
JL Pantai Berawa
Tibubeneng, Canggu
Open : 6AM – 10PM
Phone : +62 (361) 848 3939

Bali Dynasty Resort Hotel
JL Kartika, Kuta
Open : 24 hours
Phone : +62 (0361) 752403

Sunset Vet Kuta
Pertokoan Nakula Plaza Block C
JL Nakula,Legian, Kuta
Open : 24 hours
Phone : +62 (361) 754881

Goddess on the Go
Jl. Raya Pengosekan
Ubud, Gianyar
Open : 9AM – 8PM
Phone :+62 (361) 976 084

Bisma Cottages Ubud
Jl. Bisma No 35
Ubud, Gianyar
Open : 24 hours
Phone :+62 (361) 976 530

Frankenstein Laboratory
JL Camplung Tanduk No.6
Seminyak, Kuta, Badung
Open: 9AM – 11PM
Phone: 0821 4527 7676

Tijili Benoa Hotel
JL Pratama No. 62, Benoa
Kuta Selatan
Open : 24 hours
Phone : +62 (361) 4728 900

Solemen Solecentre
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